Buying Guide

There are few major investments in life and the purchase of an everlasting memorial is one of them. Great care and consideration should be taken into account when this time comes, and should be done in a relaxed and carefree environment. Please read on to help guide you through this major life purchase.


What you need to know about cemeteries:

It is important to note that you should not feel pressured into purchasing a memorial through the cemetery in which you purchased your eternal resting place. It is illegal for a cemetery to pressure you into or apply hidden fees into your plot purchase. Make sure you know all your facts before finalizing a plot purchase, Tomlin Monuments can help with these fact clarifications.

Every cemetery has their own rules and regulations regarding size, type, and religious embellishments that are allowed on their plots. Memorial parks for instance will not allow upright memorials, your options are limited to bronze plaques. Speaking with Tomlin Monuments before your plot purchase can help eliminate memorial rules you were not expecting.

Why are you purchasing a memorial:

The purchase of an everlasting memorial can be done for two reasons, either immediate use or for future use.

Immediate Use-

These types of memorial purchases occur when a loved one dies suddenly or when no prior planning was made for a memorial. Although you may feel the need to purchase a memorial prior to funeral arrangements, this is not the case. Temporary markers are used until families have taken time to choose an everlasting memorial.

Future Use-

If you are a planner and the thought of leaving this task in the hands of your loved ones feels like a burden, planning for the future is another reason to pre-purchase your own memorial. A pre-purchase can also be beneficial in many ways to both you and your family. Do you have a favorite quote or message you would like to leave for generations? Do you want to maximize your dollar purchase today and save money before prices climb? If so, then pre-purchasing is the way to go. By purchasing your memorial beforehand, you can ensure that your eternal message is clear, and that the cost of your memorial is covered.

Types of memorials available:

There are many types of memorial options available, and knowing first what is acceptable in your cemetery is needed. Once you are aware of your local cemeteries rules and regulations you can move on to choosing and designing your memorial.


There are many styles for an everlasting memorial available to you.

Statue and Bench Markers-

Statues and benches come in a variety of sizes and can be personalized with names, dates, and epitaphs.

Upright Markers-

Upright markers come in a full range of colors, sizes, shapes, and styles. An upright marker gives you full creativity for an everlasting personalized memorial.

Slant and Bevel Markers-

Slant and bevel markers are a wedge shape and also come in a variety of colors and sizes; however shapes and styles are limited. Slant and bevel markers can be personalized and embellished with carvings.

Flat Markers-

Flat markers, such as bronze plaques, limit your creativity for an everlasting memorial. Although they come in a variety of sizes, they are limited in color and the style is a basic square or rectangle. Flat markers can be personalized with embellishments.

Cost and Warranties:

It is important to note that there are many costs and types of warranties that come with your memorial.


There is a huge price range when it comes to memorials. The monument or marker itself is a separate cost from any installation costs and cemetery fees that are involved. The cost of your memorial can range anywhere from $1000 to $10,000 or more. Size, material, and design all cause the cost of your memorial to fluctuate.


Tomlin Monuments will warranty their finished products against material defects, craftsmanship, and installation. Please contact us for a full description of our product warranties.